av-pr-create - Create a pull request for the current branch


av pr create [-t <title>| --title=<title>] [-b <body>| --body=<body>]
    [--draft] [--edit] [--force] [--no-push]


Push the current branch and create a pull request if not exist. If the branch has a parent branch, you need to make a pull-request for the parent first. If title and body are not provided, $EDITOR pops up and you are asked to provide them.

When there's already a pull-request, the command just pushes the branch to remote, and you are not asked to provide the title and the body. If you want to edit the pull-request description for the existing pull-request, use --edit.


-t <title>, --title=<title> : Use the given <title> as the title for the pull request.

-b <body>, --body=<body> : Use the given <body> as the body for the pull request.

--draft : Open the pull request as a draft.

--edit : Edit the pull request title and description before submitting even if the pull request already exists.

--force : Force creation of a pull request even if there is already a pull request associated with this branch.

--no-push : Do not push the branch to the remote repository before creating the pull request.


Create a pull request, specifying the body of the PR from standard input:

$ av pr create --title "Implement fancy feature" --body - <<EOF
> Implement my very fancy feature.
> Can you please review it?



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