Manually change attention

Sometimes it’s helpful to add or remove your own attention to a PR. For instance, if the reviewer has responded back to the changes, but it’ll take a while to refactor and resubmit for review it might be useful to remove the attention from yourself as the author. Likewise, if you are not able to review the change within a reasonable time frame, you may want to let the author know and remove the attention from yourself.

Similarly, it might be sometimes useful to bring a PR to someone’s attention. Let’s say a reviewer replied back with partial review as they are still reviewing through the rest of the changes, or a reviewer dismissed the attention from themselves and now needs to be reassigned. In such cases, you can assign the reviewer's attention.

Attention can be assigned or unassigned to an individual from the PR details view within Aviator dashboard. Within Attentionset, there’s an Aviator link that navigates you to the PR details view.

And on the PR details view, you can find a way to toggle attention for the authors and reviewers.

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