Get a reviewer suggestion

Manual Slash command

With the Aviator app installed on your GitHub repository, it is possible to request suggested reviewers from FlexReview. This is done using a GitHub comment slash command:

/aviator flexreview suggest

FlexReview will post a comment showing the recommended reviewers, the PR author's expertise score, and alternate reviewers.

View suggested reviewers without adding comments to a PR

The Aviator webapp provides a way to see FlexReview suggestions without posting a comment to your pull requests. Visit Aviator FlexReview Suggest.

Choose the respective repository.

Then enter a pull request number to see suggested reviewers.

Automatic reviewer suggestion on PRs

Automatic reviewer suggestion can be configured in the Aviator web app. See the configuration page. With this enabled, Aviator will post an automatic FlexReview suggestion on to pull requests that contain files matching the file path prefix.

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