Can a single PR be part of multiple ChangeSets?

Yes, technically you can add a PR to multiple ChangeSets, but it will be merged with the first ChangeSet that is flagged for merging.

Can a single ChangeSet have multiple PRs from the same repository?

Yes, ChangeSets can have multiple PRs in the same repository. If using global CI validation, you will have to handle incorporating changes from multiple PRs/branches in the same repository yourself.

Can more PRs be added to the ChangeSet once "Start CI" is triggered?

Yes, if a new PR is added to the ChangeSet, the CI webhook will be retriggered with a new Status Run ID.

Can I review all previous the check run statuses?

Yes, the Aviator web app shows links to all previous status checks. Only the latest status run is considered when validating the ChangeSet for merge.

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