CI Status Requirements

Aviator MergeQueue supports any CI system that integrates with GitHub status checks.

In GitHub, you can require tests to be passing with protected branches require status check before merging. By default, Aviator MergeQueue uses the same data as GitHub status checks, but it allows you to add more requirements at different levels.

  • Pre-queue status requirements

    • Same as the GitHub protected branch status requirement, this configuration is the status requirement before merging.

    • MergeQueue requires both GitHub protected branch configuration and this configuration to be satisfied. However, MergeQueue configuration can be more flexible than GitHub one.

  • Draft PR status requirements

    • When a pull-request enters a queue, MergeQueue creates a new temporary branch and a PR, which is called "draft PR". This draft PR contains the changes from the queued PR and the latest target branch (e.g. main) so that we can test with the latest changes.

You can require the same sets of tests for both, or if needed, you can require different tests to be passing.

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