GitHub Slash Commands

Read the how-to-guide on using Slash commands from within GitHub comments.


The /aviator merge command queues a PR for merging. This can be used instead of adding the ready label. You can also specify affected targets as an additional parameter. See affected targets mode to learn more.

/aviator merge --targets=frontend,backend,api


The /aviator cancel command de-queues a PR that has been previously queued.

When using the parallel queue mode, de-queuing a PR can negatively impact the performance of the queue (since any PR that was queued after the cancelled PR will have their CI reset).


The /aviator refresh command causes MergeQueue to re-examine your pull request. This can be useful if MergeQueue missed an event (such as you labeling your PR with the ready label).

Usually this is only necessary if GitHub fails to deliver an event to MergeQueue (e.g., during a GitHub outage).


The /aviator backport command can be used to backport a given PR to the specified target branch. This opens a new PR that has the cherry-picked changes from the current PR but targetting the specified base branch.

/aviator backport <target_branch>

Stack Merge

The /aviator stack merge command queues a stack for merging into the target branch of the stack (usually your repository default branch).

When queueing a stack, MergeQueue internally queues the PR where the command was given and every PR that comes before it in the stack. The target branch of the stack (i.e., the branch where that the stack is being merged into) is the base branch of the first PR in the stack.

When merging a stack, any PRs that come later in the stack (after the PR where the stack merge command was issued) will have to be rebased using the av command line tool.

For example, if your stack consists of PR1 through PR5, and PR3 is queued, PR4 and PR5 will have to be rebased on top of the commit where PR3 was merged into the stack's target branch (e.g., main). This means that PR3 must be merged before PR4 or PR5 can be queued.

Stack Cancel

The aviator stack cancel command de-queues a stack that has been previously queued.


The /aviator sync command synchronizes the PR to be up-to-date with its base branch (i.e., creates a merge commit or rebases on top of the latest commit from the base branch, depending on your repository configuration).

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