av - Aviator CLI


av allows you to manage stacked pull requests with Aviator.


  • av-commit-create(1): Create a new commit.

  • av-commit-split(1): Split a commit into multiple commits.

  • av-fetch(1): Fetch latest state from GitHub.

  • av-init(1): Initialize the Git repository for Aviator CLI.

  • av-pr-create(1): Create a pull request for the current branch.

  • av-stack-branch(1): Create a new stacked branch.

  • av-stack-branch-commit(1): Create a new stacked branch and commit staged changes to it.

  • av-stack-diff(1): Generate diff between working tree and the parent branch.

  • av-stack-next(1): Checkout the next branch in the stack.

  • av-stack-prev(1): Checkout the previous branch in the stack.

  • av-stack-submit(1): Create/synchronize pull requests for the current stack.

  • av-stack-sync(1): Synchronize stacked branches.

  • av-stack-tidy(1): Tidy up the branch metadata.

  • av-stack-tree(1): Show the tree of stacked branches.


See Aviator documentation for the help document beyond Aviator CLI.

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