Microsoft Active Directory

Note for onprem users

Please replace with with in the instructions below.

Azure Active Directory setup

  1. Sign in to Azure portal using one of the following roles: Global Administrator, or Application Administrator.

  2. Go to Azure Active Directory > Manage > Enterprise applications. Click New application.

  3. Select Create your own application.

  4. For name enter Aviator, and select Integrate any other application you don't find in the gallery (Non-gallery). Click Create.

  5. (Optional): Go to properties and update the Aviator logo. Download the original from here.

  6. Log into Aviator and go to SAML configuration page:

  7. Copy the unique Single Sign on url, of format:<sso-key>

  8. In the Azure portal, after creating the app, go to the app overview and click Single sign-on.

  9. Select SAML.

  10. In the Basic SAML configuration, enter Identifier (Entity ID) as mergequeue.

  11. In the Reply URL, enter the URL you copied on step 6. Click Save.

  1. Under Attributes & Claims, add the following new claims and save. You can leave the other ones as is.

    1. Name: FirstName, Source attribute: user.givenname

    2. Name: LastName, Source attribute: user.surname

    3. Name: Email, Source attribute: user.primaryauthoritativeemail

  1. Copy the App Federation Metadata Url from SAML certificates and paste that in Aviator’s SAML configuration page Metadata url:

  2. Enter the domain that you use for Active Directory, click Save and Activate. Now you should be able to login to the Aviator app using AD from your Application dashboard.

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