The av CLI looks for a config file in a few places:

  • ~/.config/av/config.yaml

  • ~/.av/config.yaml

  • .git/av/config.yaml (if running the av command inside of a git repository)

Config option reference

config.yaml (sample)
# Configuration that controls how av communicates with GitHub 
    # REQUIRED (for `av pr create`)
    # The GitHub personal access token that av uses to authenticate to GitHub
    # You can create a token at
    token: "ghp_abcdefghijklmnop"

    # The GitHub base URL to use.
    # Only set this if you use an on-prem enterprise GitHub installation
    # (leave blank if your repo is hosted on
    baseUrl: ""

    # If true, always open PRs as a draft.
    # If false, PRs will be opened as ready-for-review unless the --draft flag
    # is specified on commands that create pull requests.
    draft: false
    # If true, pull requests will be temporarily transitioned to draft state
    # while being rebased. This avoids accidentally adding unnecessary reviewers
    # to a pull request due to a CODEOWNERS file while the pull request is in a
    # transient state. This only applies when a pull request's base branch is
    # changing.
    # If not specified in the config, the default value is true if there is a
    # CODEOWNERS file present and false otherwise.
    rebaseWithDraft: false
    # If true, open a web browser to the pull request page whenever a pull
    # request is created for the first time.
    openBrowser: true

GitHub Personal Access Token

The av tool uses a personal access token (PAT) to authenticate with GitHub on your behalf. This is required to create and inspect PRs (e.g., when using the av pr create command).

The generated token should have the repo scope (all other scopes can be left un-checked).

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