A dashboard to track GitHub pull requests that need your attention.

Inspired by Gerrit, AttentionSet is a dashboard for developers to track Pull Request reviews from GitHub. It is intended to track the code reviews back-and-forth between the author and the reviewers. Using AttentionSet, developers can easily unblock changes that are waiting on their action.


The dashboard identifies who should be paying attention to a PR. For instance, when the author prepares a PR and sends it to the reviewers, the reviewers have the attention; and when the reviewers respond back to the PR (commenting or approving), the author gets the attention back. The dashboard also displays the reason why an attention is assigned to you or who is your PR’s attention assigned to.

Every PR can have one or more people who have the attention, a PR may also occasionally have no attention, although this should be rare for a PR that is in open / ready for review state. A merged PR will not have anyone’s attention.

Attention is typically managed automatically, but it can also be toggled manually as needed.

Getting started

If you are a new Aviator user, you will first need to install the Aviator app on your GitHub repository. This is typically done as part of the initial setup wizard. You can choose to start with any of MergeQueue or FlexReview workflows to begin the setup.

Once the initial setup is complete, you will be prompted to link the GitHub account. This step is necessary so we verify your GitHub username that is used to track your attention.

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