Access Management

Managing team access

Aviator offers multi-user account capabilities in all plans. You can invite all your team members to access the Aviator dashboard at no additional cost. See the Billing section to understand how pricing works.

To invite your team members to access the Aviator dashboard, go to the Users and Roles page, and enter their email address along with an appropriate role.

Users and Roles

There are two different roles you can find in the User and Roles section.

  • ADMIN: The admin has access to the entire Aviator product, including the ability to add more users and manage billing.

  • MEMBER: A member is only allowed to view the dashboard and the queue. The members are not allowed to invite others or revoke someone’s access. Members also cannot view or update billing information.

Google SSO

Aviator also offers capability for users to login using Google SSO. Additionally, you may whitelist your entire company domain to access your Aviator account without having to invite each of them individually. To do so, scroll to the bottom of the Users and Roles page, and activate the setting:

Allow all users with email domain: <your_domain> to automatically login to this account.

SAML authentication

Aviator also offers SAML based authentication that can be configured for Okta or other SAML providers. We only offer SAML authentication in our enterprise plans, read more here.

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