Configure ChangeSets

The ChangeSets feature allows you to create a list of PRs to be merged together.

Step 1: Connect your repositories to Aviator

If you haven't connected your GitHub repositories to Aviator yet, you can do so by clicking the "Add Repos" button on the Repositories page.

Step 2: Configure ChangeSet settings

There are a few settings you can configure on the ChangeSet settings page:

  • Enable comments for new PRs - When this setting is turned ON, Aviator will post a comment on each PR to link it with a new or existing ChangeSet.

  • Require global CI validation - Continue to global CI validation for more details.

  • Automatically add PRs with the same branch name to a ChangeSet - When turned on, Aviator will automatically add your PR to the matching ChangeSet when your changes share the same branch name. A new ChangeSet will be created if it doesn't exist.

Step 3: Configure webhooks

If you are using global CI validation, you must also make sure the webhook is configured. See the Webhooks section to configure your webhooks.

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