Quick Setup

Get started today, and be up and running in under 3 minutes.
This setup guide will walk you through the initial set up for MergeQueue. Since most capabilities of Aviator revolve around merging, we recommend you to start here.
1. Create an account. Register here.
2. Follow the onboarding flow to connect to the Aviator GitHub app, authorize one or more repositories that you want to automate.
3. Select the repository on the Repositories page to configure the rules.
Configure a repository.
4. Add a customized trigger label on the Merge Rules page. This label identifies a PR as ready to be queued.
Add a trigger label that tells Aviator your PR is ready to be merged.
5. Verify the required status checks are set correctly on the Merge Rules page.
6. That's it. You are ready to go. Now when a PR is ready, tag the PR with the trigger label defined above. Let the Aviator bot handle the rest.
Simply add the trigger label and your PR will be queued and merged.