Getting Started

This setup guide will walk you through the initial set up for MergeQueue. Since most capabilities of Aviator revolve around merging, we recommend you to start here.

1. Create an account. Register here.

2. Follow the onboarding flow to connect to the Aviator GitHub app, authorize one or more repositories that you want to automate.

3. Select the repository on the Repositories page to configure the rules. This will take you to the Basic Configuration page to customize some basic settings.

4. On this page, you will see two GitHub labels. These labels are the most common ways for Aviator MergeQueue to interact with your pull requests. The default trigger label is called mergequeue.

5. Verify the required status checks are set correctly. By default, Aviator sync the required checks from GitHub branch protection rules, but you can customize them here.

If your team is using Parallel mode, Aviator bot will use the same checks for both original PRs and draft PRs. However, if you want to customize checks for draft PRs, you can do so under Override required checks in the Parallel Mode section.

That's it. You are ready to go. Now when a PR is ready, tag the PR with the trigger label mergequeue defined above. Let the Aviator bot handle the verification and merging the PR.

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