Sticky Comments

In addition to the dashboard, Aviator provides sticky comments to give you the status of a PR within GitHub.

Aviator posts a comment when a PR is opened, and will automatically update the comment as the PR moves through its lifecycle. This is a great way to stay up to date and identify any reasons that may have dequeued your PR or is preventing your PR from merging.

Having a sticky comment makes it easy for developers to find the status of the PR in one place, and also reduces noise if you set up notifications for new GitHub comments.

The following are some of the important of comments that are generated when comments are enabled:

  • CI is taking longer than expected. - This is only applicable in Parallel mode. It can happen if the draft PR CI is completed but the original PR is still pending CI status. If the PR is stuck, then the comment will also provide info on when the PR will be dequeued and which CI(s) are stuck.

  • This PR is queued for merge (queue position: <number>). - Reports successful queuing along with the current position of the PR in the queue. Info on pending status checks will also be provided.

  • PR failed to merge with reason: <reason> - Reports a PR getting dequeued with one of the reasons as described above. It may also contained information about the associated draft PR if relevant along with additional debug info.

  • CI for this PR is waiting to be queued <note>. CI for this PR will run automatically when the queue catches up.

  • This PR was merged using MergeQueue.

  • This PR was merged manually.

  • This PR was closed without merging. If you still want to merge this PR, re-open it.

  • This PR is not ready to merge (currently in state <status>: <description>).

Stacked PRs

The following comments are only applicable if you are using Stacked PRs.

  • Waiting for the previous PR in this stack to be queued (or merged) before queuing this PR. - This is only applicable if using stacked PRs.

  • This PR is stacked on top of <PR#>. Changes from this PR can be reviewed separately and changes to the parent PR will automatically be synced into this PR.

  • Next PR in this stack: <dependent PR#s>


The following comments are only applicable if you are using ChangeSets.

  • PR has been added to the ChangeSet.

  • MergeQueue ChangeSet actions: [View Changeset dashboard]<dashboard_url>

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