av-stack-branch - Create or rename a branch in the stack


av stack branch [-m | --rename] [--force] [--parent <parent_branch>] <branch-name>


Create a new branch that is stacked on the current branch by default

If the --rename/-m flag is given, the current branch is renamed to the name instead of creating a new branch. Branches should only be renamed with this command (not with git branch -m ...) because av needs to update internal tracking metadata that defines the order of branches within a stack. If you renamed a branch with git branch -m, you can retroactively update the internal metadata with av stack branch --rename <old-branch-name>:<new-branch-name>.


--parent <parent_branch> : Instead of creating a new branch from current branch, create it from specified <parent_branch>

-m, --rename : Rename the current branch to the provided <branch_name> instead of creating a new one, only if a pull request does not exist.

--force : Force rename the branch, even if a pull request exists.

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