av-stack-sync - Synchronize stacked branches


av stack sync [--all | --current] [--no-push] [--no-fetch] [--prune]
              [--trunk] [--continue | --abort | --skip] [--parent=<parent>]


Over the time, branches get unsynchronized in many ways. Some branches are merged. The upstream branch is moved. A parent branch get their commit amended. av stack sync synchronizes the branches following the changes.

For each branch, this command does the following

  • Rebase onto the parent branch. By default, if the parent is the trunk branch (e.g. main), this step is skipped. If --trunk is used, it fetches the trunk branch from the remote and rebase onto it.

  • Push to the remote branch. With Git's default config, the push updates the same name branch on the remote.

Note that currently, this overwrites the remote with force. This can overwrite any changes happen on GitHub. To avoid this, pull or manually cherry-pick the changes on the remote.

By default, this command will sync all branches starting at the root of the stack and repeatedly executes the above steps. If the --current flag is given, this command will sync the branches up to the current one, and the rest of the branches are not synced. This allows you to make changes to the current branch before syncing the rest of the stack. If the --all flag is given, it will sync all branches in the repository.

If --prune option is given, it deletes the merged branches at the end of sync.


Rebasing can cause a conflict. When a conflict happens, it prompts you to resolve the conflict, and continue with av stack sync --continue. This is similar to git rebase --continue, but it continues with syncing the rest of the branches.


If you want to change the parent, use --parent=<parent> to specify the new parent. This rebases the current branch onto the new parent and runs the sync operations on the children.


If you want to adopt a Git branch that is created outside of av, you can run av stack sync --parent=<parent> or av stack sync --parent=<parent> --trunk to adopt a branch to av. If the parent is a trunk branch (e.g. main), use --trunk.


--all : Synchronize all branches.

--current : Only sync changes to the current branch. (Don't recurse into descendant branches.)

--no-push : Do not force-push updated branches to GitHub.

--no-fetch : Do not fetch latest PR information from GitHub.

--prune : Delete the merged branches.

--trunk : Synchronize the trunk into the stack.

--continue : Continue an in-progress sync.

--abort : Abort an in-progress sync.

--skip : Skip the current commit and continue an in-progress sync.

--parent=<parent> : Parent branch to rebase onto.

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