Slack Integration

Initial Slack Setup

You can use the Slack app integration to receive notifications about queue events. Currently supported Slack events are queued, merged and failed. Slack notifications can be enabled from the Webhooks page.

Once the Slack integration is set up, queue events for the account's repositories will be sent to the designated Slack channel.

Personal Slack Notifications

DM Notifications

Each individual can link their Slack account to their Aviator account. The Aviator Slack app will send direct messages about your own PR activity. Simply use the slash command /aviator connect and login to complete the integration.

Once completed, you'll receive DMs about your own PR activity. Notifications about your PR activity will no longer go to the designated team Slack channel.

Personalized DMs (Opt-in or Opt-out)

With Pilot's Direct Message Action, you can send a DM to a specific user or group based on a trigger. Each user can further customize which DMs to receive based on the Action's labels.

  1. Make sure that you have connected both GitHub and Slack accounts.

  2. Configure a Pilot scenario that uses the Slack Direct Message action. See below for both opt-out and opt-in examples.

  - name: "Queued PRs (Opt-out example)"
      mergequeue: queued
      - slack:
            text: “A new PR has been queued.”
              - login: test_user1
              - login: test_user2
              - queued-pr
  - name: "Merged PRs (Opt-in example)"
      mergequeue: merged
      - slack:
            text: “A PR has been merged.”
            github_group: "engineering"
              - merged-pr
            opt-in: True
  1. For the Queued PRs trigger, by default, both test_user1 and test_user2 will receive DMs when a PR is queued. In order to opt-out of the DM, you can add the queued-pr label to your opt-out list shown below. For the Merged PRs trigger, by default, no users will receive DMs since the action requires users to opt-in. Anyone within the engineering GitHub group can opt-in by adding the merged-pr label to their opt-in list as shown below.

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