Comments and Status Codes

Comments in PRs are a great way to stay informed of the activity of Aviator bot. Comments are enabled by default, and can be disabled from the Merge Rules page.
Aviator bot will post comments with information about failed builds.
The following comments are generated when this feature is enabled -
  • CI is taking longer than expected. - This is only applicable in Parallel mode. It can happen if the draft PR CI is completed but the original PR is still pending CI status. If the PR is stuck, then the comment will also provide info on when the PR will be dequeued and which CI(s) are stuck.
  • This PR is queued for merge (queue position: <number>). - Reports successful queuing along with the current position of the PR in the queue. Info on pending status checks will also be provided.
  • PR failed to merge with reason: <reason> - Reports a PR getting dequeued with one of the reasons as described above. It may also contained information about the associated draft PR if relevant along with additional debug info.
  • CI for this PR is waiting to be queued <note>. CI for this PR will run automatically when the queue catches up.
  • This PR was merged using MergeQueue.
  • This PR was merged manually.
  • This PR was closed without merging. If you still want to merge this PR, re-open it.
  • This PR is not ready to merge (currently in state <status>: <description>).

Sticky Comments

Some of the comments explained above and below are posted as sticky comments - a single comment on a PR that is edited as the status of the PR changes. The goal is to keep the comments relevant and reduce noise on the PR.
The sticky comment posted when the trigger label is added.
Once the PR is merged, Aviator will update the comment.
Updated sticky comment when the PR is merged.

Stacked PRs

The following comments are only applicable if you are using Stacked PRs.
  • Waiting for the previous PR in this stack to be queued (or merged) before queuing this PR. - This is only applicable if using stacked PRs.
  • This PR is stacked on top of <PR#>. Changes from this PR can be reviewed separately and changes to the parent PR will automatically be synced into this PR.
  • Next PR in this stack: <dependent PR#s>


The following comments are only applicable if you are using ChangeSets.
  • PR has been added to the ChangeSet.
  • MergeQueue ChangeSet actions: [View Changeset dashboard]<dashboard_url>

Status Codes

If Aviator runs in any issues or failures, we will surface a status code or its corresponding description. Please refer to the table below.
PR does not have the required number of approvals.
Someone has removed the trigger label to dequeue the PR.
Someone has manually added the failure label to block the PR.
There is a merge conflict.
One of more of the required CI status checks failed.
The PR does not have required reviews from the codeowners.
This is only reported if a CI timeout is specified in the merge rules. The PR's required CI status check did not complete in the specified time and will be dequeued.
The CI has already timed out, and the PR is still in a stuck state.
The PR still has unresolved conversations. This is only applicable if conversation_resolution_required=true in merge rules.
Draft PRs are only supported with a GitHub Team plan, GitHub Enterprise, or GitHub Enterprise Cloud. See the GitHub Docs for more information.
Not all commits in the PR have been signed/verified. This is applicable if your merge rules configuration requires verified commits.
The PR is now stale because a new commit has been added since the CI has been run.
There are changes requested on the PR.
We do not support merging into the specified base branch.
Blocked due to internal Github reasons.
Failed due to an internal error.